Vineyard: the grapes come from the proprietary vineyard, “Vigna della Corte”, a single body of nine hectares located in Soave in the historic cru of Calstelcerino, at an altitude of 350 m

Training system: Veronese pergola

Exposure: South-East

Soils: with substratum of volcanic origin, lying on tufaceous bases

Grapes used: pure Garganega from late harvest.

This particular product was born from the company’s need to produce a wine that could summarize the best of the Soave type, increasing the already very high quality parameters of the winery’s flagship white wine – the Vigna della Corte – and enhancing the territorial notes of minerality, olfactory fragrance , fruit density, balance. A wine born, therefore, with only fermentation with indigenous yeasts, without the addition of selected yeasts, and cryomaceration, capable of bringing back within it all the parameters of the terroir of origin and the wonderful characteristics of the Garganega, managed in purity. A wine with a very low impact in terms of sulfur dioxide and, therefore, with great naturalness.