SQNPI: sustainable quality

For Corte Adami the starting point in the production of great wines lies in the vineyards.

Vineyards with great expressive potential and incredibly positioned in some of the best Crus in the Veronese area (Castelcerino for Soave and Montorio – Località Ancora – for the wider Valpolicella area). Old vines (30/40 years old), capable of providing elegance and shelf life to the various products in an absolutely natural way.

Vineyards located on volcanic and, at times, even tufaceous territories, capable of transmitting to the grapes those fragrances and minerals now forgotten in products destined for mass consumption.

The harvest of the grapes is carried out manually to guarantee their integrity and ensure that the fruits are as balanced as possible when pressed. While in the cellar, techniques are adopted to obtain wines that are decidedly expressive and respectful of the territory of origin, in particular through cryomaceration in the press and oxygen control using nitrogen.

From an agricultural point of view, the vineyard has always been managed in a non-invasive way, as natural as possible, with the adoption of absolutely delicate fertilization and sanitization techniques, capable of naturally preserving the fruit without excessive chemical invasions. With the 2020 harvest, the grapes harvested and the wines obtained enjoy the SQNPI certification: National Integrated Production Quality System to reconfirm sustainable viticulture.