In the vineyards of Castelcerino, Garganega thrives, offering the best habitat for this vine.

Since Roman times, Grecanicum, now known as Garganega in the region, has produced the area’s most renowned white wine.

With a bouquet of aromas to discover, light and neutral, with predominant notes of almond and white flowers, combined with a minerality and citrus notes unique to the area.

Garganega is not solitary, accompanied by the illustrious Trebbiano di Soave, which completes and enhances its peculiarities. This native vine, formerly known as Turbiana, offers wines with aromatic finesse with notes of rose and a flavor that makes them truly unique.

Even on the Di Mezzo Monte farm, the history of the territory speaks through vines such as Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, which positively influence the production of Corte Adami. The old vines give finesse and elegance to the wines, while a rigorous cultivation method allows each variety to express its own character, maintaining the winemaking tradition of the area with particular attention to cleanliness and finesse.

In Valpolicella, Corvina and Corvinone, with their ability to dry, give roundness and fruitiness, while Rondinella brings structure and finesse. Amarone, the main wine, embodies the olfactory and gustatory harmony of the grapes, with tannic and polyphenolic concentrations that integrate perfectly with the alcohol content and freshness.

The aromas of the grapes dance on ethereal notes of cocoa, tobacco and liquorice, representing the integration between the work of man, the territory and the vine.

Seeing is believing.