Territory means, for those who really care, and belonging

From this philosophy arise targeted interventions in the vineyards, aimed at preserving the original characteristics of the plants. Traditional farming systems are adopted, managed with care and attention, and fertilization is limited to what is absolutely necessary.

Only in this way can this extraordinary territory fully express all its aromas, minerality and freshness in its wines.


The Soave area, characterized by gentle slopes on soils of volcanic or moraine origin, represents one of the most important wine-growing areas at a national level. It was the first typical wine production area, delimited in 1931 and recognized by Royal Decree in 1936. It is also the first area to obtain the DOC denomination in Veneto in 1968, followed by the first DOCG again in Veneto in 1998 with Recioto.

The Soave area is relatively small, with just over 10,000 hectares in total. However, the vineyards registered with the DOC Soave and Soave Classico cover almost 6,900 hectares, managed by around 3,000 wineries, making it one of the areas with the highest viticultural density in the world.

Corte Adami owns a magnificent vineyard located in one of the historic crus of the area: Castelcerino. From here both the basic Soave is born, rich in infinite nuances despite its simplicity, and the Vigna della Corte, a reserve characterized by careful refinement, late harvesting and cryomaceration on the skin which confer elegance and freshness.


There is a place where red wines seem to have existed before the art of winemaking was learned by man.

In Valpolicella, everything seems to support this belief: from the soil to the microclimates, from the slopes to the local communities.

Located between the Adige and Lessinia, this land has given rise to some of the most prestigious red wines in the world, extending for approximately 45 kilometers along historic municipalities such as Marano, Fumane, Negrar, San Ambrogio and San Pietro in Cariano.

Not only are the Municipalities universally recognized, but also the valleys contribute to the winemaking prestige of the region, each creating a microclimate with unique pedological characteristics.

From here distinct wines are born, each with its own characteristics, all original.

The Corte Adami vineyards are located in the D.O.C. area. “enlarged”, which also includes the valleys of Marcellise, Mezzane, Illasi and Tramigna as well as Valpantena. The vineyards of Fattoria di Mezzo Monte provide Corte Adami with high quality grapes for the production of three wines representative of the local winemaking tradition: Valpolicella Superiore, Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso and Amarone.

These vines, planted between 1962 and 1970, are strong, robust and generous in their quality, giving the wines a distinctive character that only time and experience can provide.