The past…

Third generation of winemakers and first generation of winemakers.

For generations the Adami family has cultivated its passion for the grapes harvested annually and for the lands that have always been cultivated with great care and respect by grandfather Gaetano Adami. Here in 2004, alongside the historic activity of suppliers at local wineries, the Adami family, made up of their children Andrea, Martina, Giulia and Stefano, with the support of their father Angelo, decided to become their own producer and bottler. With a fundamental objective: to produce great wines, capable of expressing and enhancing the territorial qualities and the original heritage of the native grapes of the Veronese area.

The present and the future

Since 2017, the grapes obtained from the property’s vineyards are no longer supplied externally, but are all pressed and vinified in the company. To date, approximately 35% of the wine obtained is bottled while the rest is sold to local wine producers.

The company’s main headquarters are located in Soave, with the production and refinement area, in particular for Soave wines, as well as the storage of all bottled products, as well as the company wine shop.

In Costa Vecchia in Cazzano di Tramigna there is the second company headquarters for the production and refinement of the entire range of Valpolicella and Amarone della Valpolicella wines.